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Summons Date Passed! Help!

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So - I am here in Texas......and I missed my Summons deadline.  I have been communicating with the JDB's attorney for about 4 years but haven't heard from them in a while.  The communications were going to a PO Box I used for a while, but hardly ever check.  The summons was delivered there by Certified Mail.


Well - I checked today and there was a Summons that was past the date!


I am trying to contact an attorney I know, but in the meantime......what are my options?


Am I screwed?  Has a judgement already been filed against me?


According to the court website, it says the case is active and the last entry is the Alias Summons.


Any help would be great!

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Service of process via Certified Mail is allowed in Texas.  Had they sent you mail at any other address (home address perhaps?) after sending to the PO Box?

Looks like TRCP gives you an extra 3 days to respond when they serve via Certified Mail, so maybe that will help you some.

If default judgment has not yet been granted, I would file your response, like now.  Even though it's late, the court may still accept it if you get it in before Plaintiff applies for default or possibly even after, if the court hasn't granted a default judgment.

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