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Settle on my own or hire a lawyer?


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I was just served papers on the $7900 I owe to Cavalry (OC - Citibank).  I really would like to end this matter quickly and be done with the whole thing. I am trying to decide if I should hire a debt settlement lawyer to arrange a settlement or if I should contact Cavalry's lawyer and negotiate directly myself. Does anyone have any opinions or experience with this? Not sure if it is worth the lawyer's fees to have them negotiate for me, but I also don't want to make a mistake and leave any doors open for them to resell the remainder of the debt or not have an official settlement. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

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There was a time when lawyers could help with settlement, but these days you'll get the same "take it or leave it" number that they would give a lawyer.

Before surrendering, I would suggest at least listening to some California members. CA is one of, if not only, places where you can win by using local rules to your advantage. There is also arbitration which is 100% effective against debt buyers, depending on CC agreement.


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