In the state of california, how many days do i have to file a motion to strike ccp98 before a scheduled hearing? 30 days? 45 days?

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Does anyone know the days needed to file a motion to strike a ccp98 in california? I tried to file mine and the clerk said i couldn't do it because my hearing is on the 11th of january of 2018. I tried to file it on december 6th of 2017. Isn't there plenty of time for me to do this? 

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Have you read ASTMedic's thread on how he beat Midland Funding?

If you're not going to start your own thread and are just using the experiences of other CiC members as you go through your case (and it appears that's what you're doing since you're close to Trial already (01/11/2018, right?), you can read ASTMedic's thread where he gives the legal 'lay of the land' for people to follow.

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