Help please! How to respond to two credit card summons?

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Hello everyone,

This is my second time around. And I need your help. You see, I'm being sued for two credit card debts. One for Citi and another for Tj Maxx. I called the law firm that is taking on both cases. But as I'm reading the reviews they will go after me even if I negotiated with them. They'll still have the courts continue with a judgment. So I'm here begging to please help me write a response. Any advice would be well appreciated. I also have the copies of the contract the law firm sent. Should I attach it to my response as prove? If you have any questions please let me know. I plan on stating the details on the contract both of us discussed and the date and time, phone # I called and who I spoke to. I also certified the letters in which the contracts were sent back to the firm. Thank you in advance.

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I'm thinking of replying to the summons under Answer--Contract:


5. Other: Defendant agrees to all statements being true. Defendant contacted xxx at ###-###-#### on Tuesday January 2, 2018 at 4:18pm and spoke on the phone with Negotiator/representative xxx.  We settled with $xx a month until xx/xx/xxxx. I provided my bank account # and routing # for the funds to be withdrawn from my account every xx of each month. 


Anything else I should add or change? Im planning on going tomorrow and filing my response. I have until the 24th of January to respond according to the court calendar.

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You guys I really need your help. Did I do something wrong? I went yesterday to file my response. And I'm checking the updates on the case and it says "failure to file proof of service and failure to file default judgment pursuant to crc 3.740 to non jury trial". 


Please I'm begging what should I do. I need to act quick. I can't have a judgment on me. Please


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Oh no @fisthardcheese. Well I said that I agreed with the charges. I contacted the plaintiff to settle this outside of court and I attached a copy of the settlement agreement as prove of monthly payment that has began processing this month. I requested to dismiss the case in my statement. Would that means I'm still getting my check garnished or am I jumping to conclusions? Over all, I'm fine with paying my debt just in payments. I wish I could do it all together but I got other bills to pay


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If you are sued, you should always deny everything until a settlement agreement is in place.

Did your settlement agreement state that they will dismiss the case against you with your payment arrangement?

Both of those credit card agreements have arbitration clauses in them that likely could have been used to get them to drop the case for $0.  What does your written agreement with them state?

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