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petition for a court deposition warrant

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I received the follow message on my cell phone as well as my daughter, my husband and my son inlaw receiving same....not sure I even want to call these people as no client was identified, and I can find nothing on said law firm, just looking for input...





January 18th

Yes good morning this is a verbal notification that warrants the immediate attention of a abc x yz123 date if birth x y x my name is Elizabeth Carmichael, I represent the law office of folsum & horowitz, um, abc my clients say they have tried to reach you multiple time by mail and phone, they have yet to (unintelligible) from your attorney, a series of documents have been forwarded to my office  for a pre legal review, at this point they will file for a petition for a court deposition warrant to be served to you, um this matter will be processed within 72 hours from today’s date (unintelligible) with state and county regulations, you have been listed as habitual offender with intent to defraud, as a curiosity we are willing to discuss the allegations and obtain a statement from you or your attorney if not my client will proceed further by de, default and (unintelligible) due to your negligence a civil and criminal complaint against your name and social security number for preliminary hearing dates in my county legal services, so I urge you Ms ABC, either yourself or represent attorney to contact the firm if not they will proceed further with that deposition warrant this is the law office of folsum and horowitz the number you or your attorney can reach is 8443335452 at extension 301 and this for abc x wz.


This message was left on my phone, my husbands phone, my daughters phone and my son in laws phone.




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It is a scam.  The entire script is almost verbatim what the scammers use.  Should you call them they will tell you how you can resolve this today for "$400-600" and they want the money by prepaid debit or credit card so that the money can't be traced.  DO NOT panic and pay.

There is no such thing as a "deposition warrant" in the legal world.  If you were being sued they would subpoena you to take a deposition but it is not a warrant.  Second:  there are no depositions in "pre-legal" matters.  There has to be an active suit before a court will issue a subpoena for a deposition.  

"Documents have been forwarded" or "landed on my desk" is another giant red flag.  The claim that you committed fraud, state/county/local authorities being involved is another warning sign.

Notify friends, family and employers that you have been targeted by a scammer and to ignore it or tell them to pound sand.  Once they figure out you won't fall for it they will find another target.  Nothing to fear.  No one is showing up.  You aren't being sued and you are not going to be arrested.  


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First thing you do is tell everyone who is receiving these calls that it is a scam. Tell them to either not answer the calls and delete the voicemails, to immediately hang up, or tell the caller to go to Galveston, get a ton of sand and a hammer, and pound said sand where the sun does not shine. As @Clydesmom has said, once they realize you are not taking the bait, they will move on to easier targets.

No one is coming to serve you at your home (or employer). No police officer or sheriff deputy is coming to arrest you. If anything is filed in the court, then someone might come to serve you but they will not call you before doing so, they will simply show up at your home (very rarely at your employer unless it can be proven that you were evading service). Also, if you do owe any money, it is a civil issue, not a criminal issue. The standard for proving fraud is very high and most consumers do not meet the definition.

Finally, in most states, process servers are not allowed to have an interest in the case. Therefore, they should not be asking for any money to stop service.

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I did a Google search on that phone number and it reveals a long list of people reporting the exact same phone call from an "Elizabeth Carmichael" with the same exact threats.  They phished your identity information and phone number off the net.  1000% pure scam.  No worries what so ever.





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