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Midland funding group sc receive a summons


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I just got a summons from midland funding and forgot all about a old credit card when I moved. Now I have been summons to reply to a answer. My question is do you think they will do a one time settlement or do I need to fill out that paper for the court and send it back with a offer I honestly have no clue where to begin. I don’t have a problem paying it just need to do so in 1-3 payments depending on what they will settle for before court

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Once you have been sued, you still must answer the lawsuit in court.  If you decide to settle this, you should get the agreement in writing.  However, since they have already sued you, I would venture a guess to say that the only payment agreements they will entertain will involve a consent judgement.

If the credit card had an arbitration clause as part of the card agreement you can use arbitration and likely get Midland to go away for $0.  Which card did you have?

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