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Did I mess up POS in CA? Help

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Please let me know if I failed ...

I had a friend mail the Plaintiffs attorney a copy of my General Denial. That’s all that was in the envelope. (Sent certified with signature)

Next she completed the POS and signed it. 

I then filed my General Denial along with the signed POS with the court. 

Tomorrow I plan to send a copy of the signed  POS to the plaintiffs attorney. Is this last step necessary? Was I supposed to give them an unsigned copy? Did I totally mess up? 

Thanks All!

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You're okay. This time.

You didn't do it correctly. But in this case I wouldn't consider that you "totally messed up". Specifically regarding the general denial, the important thing is that you get it filed with the court correctly & on time. You can correct the way that you served it upon the Plaintiff: have your friend send the copy of the signed POS with another copy of the GD, no need to send this item Certified (CMRRR).

But in the future, there will be items that you will need to serve upon the plaintiff correctly & on time. There will be hard deadlines for some items and you need to get it right the first time. This is the procedure: Your friend will send an item along with a filled out, but unsigned, copy of the POS to the Plaintiff. Certified. Then they will sign the POS and you'll keep that and a copy of the item for your records.Once you see that your certified mail was delivered, print out the record and add it to that item.

P.S. - You should post questions like this (related to your case) in your main case thread instead of starting a new one. It'll be easier for you & us if everything is the same thread should you/we need to go back and review it ;)

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