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Thank you Everyone! Court went well.

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I just got back form court and I got what I wanted. I was being sued by Discover, they used the firm blitt and gaines pc.

I showed up early, prepared, and wore a suit. The only thing I had to say to the judge was "yes". the plaintiff's lawyer just motioned a stay or continuation(?). I had requested card agreements that they did not provide. Because of that she didn't try to get a judgment. I was planning to motion to compel arbitration but it didn't even come up.

They wanted $3700. I made a initial settlement offer of $1400. The lawyer said she would try to convince "them" to that offer. So I big win in my book.

my only question was she told the judge that I had made a settlement offer, then the judge asked me if that was true. What is the best way to handle that question?


Thanks to Everyone one this board who gave advice. @Clydesmom @BV80 @BackFromTheDebt @Brotherskeeper @Goody_Ouchless





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