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Wage Garnishment/Atty fees

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Subject: Kansas State Income Tax $3955.xx


Currently have a active wage garnishment with Linebarger,Goggan, Blair, Sampson. when this went into effect 12/2017 the attorney office did not send me any information of the process. I called and the attorney brush thru his script of what had time to tell. The first payment was 50% of my net pay. I filed a summons to appeal the order of garnishment to a lesser amount of my wages. So they reduced it to minimum (Kansas Statue) of 25% of net pay. I am 7 payments into this process $ 2689.xx.  My 2017 state tax refund $1003 was applied to past due debt. I have contacted the state to verify payment status/balance. The state shows my balance being much higher than what I show it should be.  You do the math looks like I owe about $263.xx. When I question the state about it I was told every payment I have remitted is subject to attorney fees of 29.5x%. ? The garnishment order does not specify the specifics of these fees.   For what I have paid in I am rather anxious to get this behind me. As if I can afford this deduction out of my paycheck everyn2 weeks.

 But it seems as though I will never get this paid off. Today I called the state they show my balance as $1994.xx they added in the atty fees bring the balance to $2583.xx

Questions are: Is this legal for them to collect these fees and not notify me?

                        In this situation could I request a settlement of the balance? Give me the pro's or con's?

                        If a direct payment was made to the state of current balance $1994.xx would that pose an issue on me with the atty office collecting on this debt?  Such as them filing a suit against me?

                       If I filed for bankruptcy would this stop the garnishment order? 

Looking for understanding and other options to relieve myself of this debt. 

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