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Foreclosure TL but NO public record


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We had our house foreclosed and it finalized in August of 2015 (state of KY).  After a major clean-up of our report (also used LexLaw) I was able to get all addresses but our current address (state of CO) deleted.

Today I noticed that the trade line for our mortgage company states "foreclosed" only on TU - EX and EQ just stated delinquent by 4 months (or something to that affect).  Plus, there is no public record on the CR.  

My question is: How could I proceed to get the trade line removed for the mortgage company so there is no foreclosure showing on the report?  Yes, we did have the house foreclosed (fact). And, yes, I want that one trade line removed :)  

I was thinking about sending a "goodwill" letter asking the mortgage to delete the trade line, but wasn't sure if I should just send something to the CBs - not sure what I would ask for though. 

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On 4/5/2018 at 12:57 PM, thedebtinator said:

Plus, there is no public record on the CR.

Public records reporting changed last year. This is probably why the foreclosure doesn't appear on your report.  (My tax lien disappeared because of this.)


As for getting the tradeline removed, your only options are goodwill or all out dispute with the CRAs. If you goodwill first, that can be used against you a$$ an admission in a later dispute with the CRAs. Unless you have some good reason to think they would remove this TL voluntarily, I wouldn't bother with goodwill. It rarely works. 

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