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Discovery - multiple account numbers and only one matches the account in question


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Hi I am in the discovery stage on my journey to hell, and I requested debt validation from OC's supposed counsel and they sent back all my statements. The question I have is that when I was given the CC over the course of 3 years I had multiple account numbers because I had lost my card. The summons had one credit card listed and there are 4 CCs numbers that are in the statements. Are they prior to have the correct number? Does the Summons and the debt validation credit card numbers have to match up or can I argue that they don't have the correct account number??

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The most recent account number is the one that's going to be used to identify your account.  Like Harry Seaward said, if you make an issue out of this, they can simply revise their complaint/summons and include the other account numbers.  As you said, the statements you received from the OC include four account numbers.  We're talking about a small technicality.

Did your contract with the OC include an arbitration agreement?  Even if it did, you may have waived your right to arbitration because you're already engaging in discovery.

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