900+ Open Cases By Same PRA Attorney

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So I've been doing some research into the PRA debt collection cases in my State and looking at the court records of events to possibly get some tips on how others are fighting them if they even contest it at all, which most don't. Well I really haven't found anything more helpful than what I've learned from the fine people of this site. But I did find out that last year PRA filed over 5,000 lawsuits statewide and as I'm typing this a single Attorney has over 900 open cases! I just think that's crazy! That should be illegal. Every case is filed electronically, signed electronically and in almost every case the Attorney never had to show up in court, even if they were required to, they would ask the court if they could appear via phone and were usually allowed to.

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First off, you are assuming there is an interest in justice in all this and there is not. The system is being designed to move these cases in and out as quickly as possible regardless of due process or not. It has become the same way that traffic tickets and ordinance violations are dealt with. In fact, most people don't fight because they feel defeated before they even try.

That is why initially standing up to them worked (or at least did until many of the courts streamlined the rules of evidence) and now when available, arbitration works. It is like throwing sand into the gears of a well oiled machine. They walk away because you represent a small loss compared to the rest of the gains (granted in that group are people who are on government benefits, Social Security, or could even be dead).

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