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Capitol One Bank reopened my account, charged me an annual fee.. and now calling and added a late fee.

It was a bad card to have. High interest, yearly fee low limit ,,regretted the day I got it. so made effort to close acct asap.

Oct 2016, eliminated balance, called them closed the account very happy !!! they have lots of hidden tricks, i didn't like.

today april 24 2017, I get a call from them saying I owe 100 dollars ??  70 for annual fee, 25 for late charge....

Their causing me great distress by lying. I have phone records (logs) of my calls to them..


HELP   I just soo badly want to sue them ..100K and lawyer can keep 75%. 

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6 minutes ago, Harry Seaward said:

There's no lawsuit to be had here. Tell them you never authorized the reopening of the account and to close the account back up, and they can sue you if they think they believe you owe then money.

Harry is right.

When you call Capital One, it's important for you to be calm and non-accusatory.  Just let them know when you closed the account, how you closed the account, and say you haven't used the card since.  As long as you don't cop an attitude, you shouldn't have any problems.

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And my bank wondered why I demanded a letter from them stating that my account was closed when I closed my credit card 10 years ago, even as I handed them the pieces of said card. Now you are in a position where you have to prove you attempted to close the account when they will probably say they did not.

I like the idea of calling them first, calm and non-accusatory, and see where that goes. If the first person does not help you, keep going up the chain until you can find someone to help you. If that does not work, then you can always refuse to pay and wait until you are taken to court and hope you have enough evidence to prove that you closed the account (or tried to).

For all those reading this, if you try to close a credit card account, demand a written letter stating that the account is closed. If the bank refuses to send it and you cannot find anyone authorized to send such a letter, you send a letter to their corporate address CMRRR stating that you demanding that they close the credit card account and inform you as to such. You keep a copy of the letter, an affidavit of mailing filled out when you mailed it (and possibly notarized), and the green card for your records so that when something like this does happen, you have iron clad proof that you attempted to close the account.

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Thanks very much, your advise is well taken. I goofed. I was upset when they called me out of the blue and told me I was late and they had the annual "membership" as a balance and late fee's. I had closed the account by phone using a balance transfer. Didn't give it much more thought. they sent a new card, didn't give that much thought either. apparently looking at the card after calming down....I see the activation sticker is missing so I must have screwed myself :), by activating it.

It's not the 100 dollars as much as the concern over credit rating and horrible fees...28%,annual fee's and 300 limit..first on my list to get rid of last year.

But I’ve decided, their (Credit One Bank), Is probably within their rights. And I will keep and maintain them now. I think I'll use the account in good standing as my "Sin Card". things I buy using their card, will be morally justified  by paying their fees  :))))

thanks for the comments.




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@mike77787 You warmed the cockles of my heart with your post.  I cannot say enough how much I appreciate you coming back to acknowledge that you made a mistake and, instead of deciding to retaliate against the bank (which would only screw yourself anyway), you found a way to make lemonade.  It shows a degree of integrity and internalization that is rarely seen here.  I would hug you if I could.

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