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Portfolio Recovery Associates--what is real and what is fake?

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I am in Georgia.  When I submit my motion to compel arbitration, and they pull us out into the hall, what are some of the "arguments" that will be used by the PRA attorney to try and compel me to NOT enter into arbitration.  In other words, what are real and genuine truths and what is fluff and bluster?

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Everything that comes out of their mouth will be an effort to get you to abandon your right to arbitration. They will insist they will follow you into arbitration, that you will lose and that it will cost you a lot of money. You cost is capped at $200 or $250. But more importantly, they will not follow you into arbitration. As soon as they realize how much it will cost them (~$5,000), they will contact you to stipulate a dismissal, or just abandon the case altogether. 

As far as your costs, you may have to pay the $250. Some people have reported that JAMS or AAA has told them not to pay anything until the other side pays first. Since that never happens, you would pay nothing in that case. 

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