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Question about date of last transaction for debt -- Can a credit card company make a payment on its own behalf?

Guest rafikiluver

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Guest rafikiluver

My brother was served for an old credit card debt ($400 +$200 interest).  The debt was originally with Synchrony/Amazon but is now held by Midland Funding LLC. He's planning on paying it off, but I'm a little bothered by the documents they sent him.  Specifically, they claim that the last transaction was in December of 2015 (for a payment).  However, he doesn't remember using the card after 2013 (and the last purchase according to the documents was in February 2013).   If I understand things correctly in Maryland this would be past the statute of limitations.

Included in the summons were the last two credit card statements.  In the second to last on November 2015, there is a credit for the minimum payment amount (listed as Automatic Payment) and which is then balanced out by a charge for the minimum payment (listed as "Adjustment-Payments").  The net result is that the balance increased only by the interest accrued for the month.  The last statement (in December 2015), had a similar automatic payment for the minimum payment amount together with a  charge for the same amount again labeled, "Adjustment-Payments".  It seems to me like the company was making a payment to itself in order to keep the debt current. The statement also shows the Account was charged off at the end of December 2015.  For what its worth, there was also the following note on both statements:  "Statement not provided to customer".

He's planning on paying it off (it comes from a rough patch in his life and he's a little embarrassed by it), but I'm curious about what whether everything is on the level.


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