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Please help!! Looking for advice! I'm positive this tactic by Calvary Portfolio Services is 100% illegal, but not sure how to handle it.

I have 2 credit cards in collection with Cavalry. After my divorce I was unable to pay them (my ex husband was supposed to but didn't). I have never spoke with them. Have received several letters but I never contacted them. Since my divorce I have worked hard to rebuild my credit. I have signed up for services from places like Credit Sesame to keep track. In Missouri, the statue of limitations is 5 years. According to my credit report, June 2018 (next month) is 5 years. So tonight I received an email saying I had an alert because there was a change in my collections. Went into credit sesame and it says good job that I made a payment of at least $1 on the account with Cavalry. I absolutely did no such thing. Obviously they did this to restart the clock since it was to be out next month. So, what can I do? This has to be completely illegal, but can someone advise me on the process I would need to go through? Any help would be appreciated so much! 

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First off, kinda lay low if you can until the SOL is hit. Note that you should really give them until July just in case they filed at the last minute but did not serve you.

If no case is started after the SOL is hit, then you notify the CRA that the report is inaccurate and that the information on that tradeline should be corrected. That will let them know that you know what they did (which is why I suggest waiting until July).

If they file suit after the SOL expired and point to that payment, you will need bank records to prove you did not make the payment so I suggest you gather them now while everything is still fresh.

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