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Did I blow it? Sent copy of signed POS with GD

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Whoops, I may have blown it. I'm afraid I may have done a stupid thing. I filed a general denial to respond to a summons from an OC. But I included the signed Proof of Service form in the envelope that was mailed to the OCs lawyer. Did i blow it? Is my poor neighbor who signed the form going to be brought up on perjury? 

Editing to add way more detail..

I had a major lapse in judgment and it just hit me how bad it was. I'm going to lay it all out and hopefully you guys will be willing to offer some advice or tell me not worry about it. I'm on Day 30 from when I was served a Summons from an OCs lawyer. I freaked out for three weeks and then decided to get down to business.With this forum's help, I decided that a General Denial was the way to go. It's very difficult for me to get time off of work on short notice, but I was able to get away last Friday afternoon a little early to go file the paperwork. I went to drive down to the courthouse (a 45 minute drive for me), and my car wouldn't start. Long story short, I had to buy a new starter and battery and couldn't get down to the courthouse.

I stressed out all weekend but (thought) I had everything together so I snuck away from work for what I thought would just be a really long lunch. As I was putting my papers together, I realized that I completely forgot about the Proof of Service. So I panicked. I don't have any friends in the county and I sure cannot ask my coworkers. I can't really afford $75-100 to pay a process server. My family members all live far away. So i asked my neighbor if she would sign the Proof of Service and I'd mail everything. She's in her 70s and rarely leaves the property. I didn't feel right asking her to make the 20 minute drive into town. Plus, it was like 2pm and I was in a huge rush to go make copies of everything and get to the courthouse. I don't have a printer so I had to drive to a library about 15 mins away to even print originals. I wrote in everything on the form except for her name and signature. It's clearly different writing than her name and signature. I stopped by a FedEx on the way to the courthouse and made copies of the GD and the POS. I filed everything at the courthouse, then went to the Post Office and sent out the GD to the lawyer. I was thinking I needed to put the POS in the envelope, so I put in a copy of the signed POS.

Oh no. It looks even worse in writing. 

I'm an enormous idiot.

Now what do I do? Pray that the lawyer sees signed POSs all the time and doesn't bat an eye? Prepare to get called out? Anyone else do the same thing and can report on the outcome?

Thanks in advance for advice, and please be gentle in any chastising. I already know I did wrong :(


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