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PLEASE HELP!!! Subpoena not admitted for filing at court!

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I served PLAINTIFF witness with a subpoena and I try to file it at court. Today I received this notice.

Plaintiff had served me with ccp 98 testimony in lieu for this witness. I served a subpoena for plsintiff witness and after being served i took it to the court to get it filed. The court returned the subpoena with the attached letter...


I served a ccp 96 but they never responded. Will PLAINTIFF be able to use the Declaration in lieu of testimony of this witness during trial or any other evidence learned in discovery?


I'm so nervous since I have court in 2 days???? PLAINTIFF called today offering 50% off the debt as settlement, but I answer the only settlement I will accept is a DISMISSAL. They said they will talk to their client and get back to me...



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