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Being sued by portfolio recovery

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I'm not an expert, just responding based on my experience so far.

You will have to file an answer, probably general denial. Show up to court so you don't get a default judgment.

Maybe look into writing an MTC beforehand if your contract has arbitration in the clause.

May consider seeing if you can afford the balance if not part of it. Depends how much time you have to follow through with court. Mine started in December and it's now almost June I'm still dealing with court granted I didn't get it right the first couple of times so that's my fault.

Like every thread here covers what to do so you probably should research.

I'm currently facing this problem of not sticking with a plan. I decided to try the arbitration route but I made mistakes then decided to pay, but my "settlement" that I again made a mistake on appears to be now just treated as a payment. I still have to go to court/still concerned about getting garnishment/fees.

Also I think you're supposed to fill out the standard template about your case like who it is/how much but don't give an exact amount to hide your identity.

Good luck and take action. Whatever you decide, get it in writing/copies especially mailing use CMRRR for proof.


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