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Settled Debt, Agreement to Delete Tradeline Question

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So I just recently settled and won with a JDB, with the help of the wonderful folks here! Thank you again.

My question has to do with the part of the settlement agreement where it was agreed that a deletion of the tradeline and reporting to the CRAs would happen. 

It states they will file a udf, "universal data form", and such but also states they cannot guarantee, warrant, or take responsibility for the performance of the CBs with respect to changing, deleting, suppressing regarding myself and the account. Any action, omission and/or error by the CBs shall not be attributable to JDB and shall not constitute breach of this agreement. It goes on saying it can take up to 120 days to be completed, etc.

So my question is, if CRAs do not delete it, can I dispute it in anyway to have it removed?

I hate seeing a collection account on my reports and only hope removal of it will bump my score up a bit. I have also requested from the JDB the proof that the form was submitted, so I will have that in my possession.

Thanks in advance!

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