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Sued by Zakheim & LaVrar in Florida!


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I wake up and my account was in 0. When Called my bank told me there was a legal action against me and gave all of the case info against me. 

And there qas a case open a year ago but al info was sent to an address i did not longer live at

i call the collector to see any arragemnet so they release my account and they told me they cannot make any settlement. 


My account is shared. So they have take all my money and also my hubby. And the legal actions is just against me. 

Any advise appreciated!!

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Im sorry to hear what happened to you. The sad thing is when you co-mingle money in same account its up for grabs. Unless you can prove the account is in just your husbands name its too late.When you have collectors after you best thing to do is keep everythingseparate if possible!! More guys should be along later to lend a few answsers.

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