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mortgage debt sold


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I am in the middle of a foreclosure process and keep getting blindsided. After falling behind in payments because of divorce my mortgage company agreed to a loan modification. i completed the trial payments and was told later the modification was denied because documents were not returned "on-time". My lender began the foreclosure process with a sale date. I begin to email and call and ask for explanations only to be notified that my loan was sold to another company, with the foreclosure sale date still in effect.

What can i do 

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Not much. I got jerked around the same way back in 2010. They sold the house at auction after they told us our mortgage was under review.  When you're in default, they aren't required to work with you at all. 

I can also tell you from first hand experience, if you have mortgage insurance, they have no incentive to work with you because they can only collect on the mortgage insurance policy if the property is foreclosed. 

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