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Hey, I am so STUCK and confused !!! I have some open charge cards that are giving me huge problems. I recently changed my number , got a new phone, & changed phone companies. Due to personal problems. Now I am running into a problem with “verified” phone number for the companies to send a verification text to when I try to make a payment on my charge card ! How do I make my new number verified so it can receive verification texts from banks for payments! I am totally dumbfounded as the banks and or credit bureaus can’t tell me how to do it. I’m soooo confused and wish I never changed my number. Any help?!

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Are any of these cards from banks with a local branch?  Alternatively, until they fix their own screwed up system, maybe you could make payments over the phone or in person so you aren't hit with late fees.

I despise the 2-step verification using text or email.  This is nothing more than a lazy company trying to limit exposure to "hacking", meanwhile exposing the consumer to more ID theft potential and unwanted forced TCPA-authorized use of their cell phone.

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I tried to make a 200$ purchase in lowes using my lowes charge card and they declined me and wanted a verified number to text! Until I give them a verified number to text my account is locked, and that’s for all my accounts!!! This is ridiculous !

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I recently had to update the phone number on file with one of my credit card companies.  When I went to their website to make a payment, a message said they needed to send a verification code to my phone.  (The number they had was an old one I no longer used).

It took one phone call to the credit card company to take care of this.  They just asked me to confirm my account number.  I think I also confirmed the old phone number before I gave them the new one.

You may be able to log into your account online and change your contact information, including your phone.

The process of verifying a number involves sending a text to your phone and having you confirm the code to verify you received it at the phone number provided.  It has nothing to do with the length of time you've had the number.

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