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Need 20k Care Credit Please Help!

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Okay so my score is 779,

i am a authorized user on two family members who have good credit. I have a 3000$ capital one primary ,

i tried to apply for discover and boa but was denied ! What do I need to achieve my goal of almost 20k care credit .

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Not yet I’m scared of a denial since my last two denials. Credit karma tells me 779 and 782. No I don’t. Live at their address.

i haven’t read the discover or boa denial papers yet. But I will and. I will post.

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You may as well roll 3 dice for your "score" than rely on CreditKarma being accurate.  The only scores that matter are FICO.  Discover lets anyone (yes, non-customers) access their actual FICO score from the Discover website (https://www.creditscorecard.com/).  It's based only on your Transunion report and they only give your FICO 8, but 8 is the 'most common' score that credit card companies use for approval.

When accessing your FICO score, some lenders filter out authorized user accounts where the applicant (you) doesn't live at the same physical address as the primary account holder.  So even if you have a high FICO score, it may be much lower when you apply because the AU accounts are being ignored.

But we'll know more when we see what the denial papers have to say.  And those will also tell you what your FICO score was when you applied, which will give a clue as to whether or not Discover and BoA do in fact filter AU accounts.

Do you have any other open credit accounts in your own name?

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Usually, with care credit, if there is a specific procedure you are doing, usually you can apply through the provider at their office and they will submit the treatment plan with the estimated cost and your care credit limit will be for that amount needed if you qualify.

I also believe that care credit is not as strict to approve as Discover and BoA may be.  If your reasons for denial from the 2 banks include accounts being too new and too many inquiries, those may not be as much of an issue with care credit.

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