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Indiana - Captial One -Stenger and Stenger

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I have just been served a complaint from capital One, Represented by stenger and Stenger.

Tips would be greatly appreciated. This is not my first rodeo, so I know the basics. I am working on my answer. I am wondering what other options I have. The affidavit is missing some stuff that rules of court says it must be similar too in "substantial part" - such as a breakdown of fees and interest owed. I am thinking about a motion to strike the affidavit, and then maybe motion to dismiss the case for insufficiency of service.

Also, they are not seeking lawyer fees - which brings the total under the limit for Indiana Small claims- which is $6500. Would a motion for the proper venue be possible or useful here?

Also, the first page of the complaint is vague and seems a little sloppy. Specifically the start of the account date is missing.







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