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Which cards grant credit with UT over 50%?

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You would need another $300k in revolving credit or a $75k signature loan to lower your UT to 25%.  I don't know of any lenders that will give that kind of money on a signature loan with a decent interest rate.  I also don't know any credit card companies that give more than $10k-$20k limit on a brand new account.  You might have some luck with a CLI after you open the account, but it's a gamble in that you have to first open the account.

If you own a home, I'd go with a 2nd mortgage or HELOC to pay off your credit cards.  Neither of these are factored in to UT, so you could get a $100k 2nd mortgage and drop your UT to under 20%.  And with a credit card or signature loan you won't be able to come anywhere near the interest rate you would get on a 2nd/HELOC.

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