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Nationwide Credit, Inc offers on Chase account - LEGIT?


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I have a Chase charge-off from 2016 for $25k. I was contacted by MRS offering $13k settlement last year, they offered again for $11k. Next I was contacted by Client Services for $8k, then $7k. Last month I was contacted by Nationwide Credit, Inc, this time for $5k one time payment. It seems like a good deal, I can come up with close to $4k and have a family member help for the rest if need be.

I will contact Chase to confirm Nationwide Credit is the agency that is handling the debt, and not a JDB. I've been doing some reading, want to make sure I have everything correct. Here's my plan of actions + some questions.

1. After confirming NCI is authorized to negotiate, do you think they would go lower, or should I take the $5k deal and run?

2. Their letter says I can settle this account for $5k, but should I be looking for more specific language in writing? I want to make sure I'm not on the hook for the remaining balance later. What specific language should I request in writing to guarantee that?

3. Does the method of payment matter? I've read some accounts of using a Cashier's Check, but I've read elsewhere it doesn't matter?

4. They are not currently reporting, only the original Chase is showing charge-off. If I settle with NCI, is that going to be another entry? 

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