Consumer Finance Company Accounts Hurt Credit Score?

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I've been monitoring my credit score through Credit Karma for some time, and they focus on revolving credit balance compared to credit limit, number of inquiries, negative marks, etc.

Today, I looked at my FICO score (Score 9) through Wells Fargo, which uses Experian. Along with the basic stuff, one of the negative factors they cited was: "Too many consumer finance company accounts."

I'd never heard of that before! I'd heard, of course, that revolving balances can affect your score; but I never heard that having too many consumer finance company accounts can affect your score.

By "consumer finance company accounts," I assume they mean store credit cards, since I don't have any finance company loans.

So that doesn't make sense. Why would having too many store credit cards be a negative, if the balances aren't high?

On the other hand, I do have a loan from "Lending Club," and another one from "Marcus Loans" (a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs). Could that be what is meant by "Consumer Finance Company Accounts"?


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