CBCS letter, possibly past SOL, DV necessary?

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I mailed the DV letters. I mailed two letters. As they had two different addresses on the letter.

I used the short sample DV letter from this site.

Date on their letter is the 24th last month. I received it a few days past that.

Pro: I made a decision/may control the outcome(despite probable loss/no immediate benefit)

Con: May not help me at all/still get sued.

Will see.

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Previously... on LOST



Well that was it, took me about 10 minutes to copy the sample here.

Scanned the original document sent to me. Since the letter has two different addresses I'll mail it to both.


So that was interesting. I just got a letter today from them saying "we received your request for an investigation... after investigating... stopped all collection activity, returned account to creditor..." shows 0 balance on the account(on their letter).

So I'm not sure if this is good or bad... it sounds good. But maybe it's also like "Alright, he's alive and well, send in the hounds"

At any rate thanks.

Moving up, may have some wheels soon(friend fronted me some cash)... whoah oh... living on credit... (Bon Jovi) I'm not happy about it.

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