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Sued by Portfolio Recovery - on payment plan so what now?

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I contacted Portfolio Recovery a couple of weeks ago to verify accounts that they have and are trying to collect.  At that time they told me one was in legal, and gave me the number to an attorney to call.  The debt is valid, and I have attempted to settle previously with Portfolio Recovery to no avail.  Once I spoke to the law firm, they said a case was filed and I would be served soon.  I negotiated a settlement amount paid over 6 months, they came back and said I would have to pay more, so I said no thanks I need to look into my options.  This is the first time I've been sued by a debt collector so wasn't sure what to expect, and knew the original debt was one I owed.  I online entered into a 4 year payment plan for the full amount to get payments started until I figured out what to do.  A week later I was served and now my answer is due.  Where do I go with this now since I entered into a payment plan after they filed but before I was served?  How do I answer that?

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