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I have had a car loan with Rockland Federal Credit Union since August 2016, and my payments are due by the 15th, but after that date I can pay a small late fee of $10. I usually pay my car payment the last week of the month, but I always make sure to pay it  by the 28th because I only get paid twice a month, so I have to stretch it out. 

This had been working for me with no issues for two years. I’ve been able to make my payments before it’s reported as 30 days late, until  this past February.2018. I paid it on the 28th over the phone like I usually do, but the payment didn’t actually post to my account until March 1,  so now it’s being reported on my credit report as 30 days late? When I called to make my payment I had asked the customer service agent about the February being a shorter month thing, and I even said maybe I should go pay at the branch instead-but they said it was technically only 29 days late on March 1st, not 30, so therefore it would not be reported as 30 days late and I would be fine.

Well, they lied to me because it is being reporting as 30 days late as of March 1st! I woke up to an email alert from Credit Karma that my credit score has changed?  I opened it and I fell off my chair! I had dropped almost 100 points thanks to RFCU reporting a 30 day late payment on my loan- on March 1st! They didn’t waste any time, it was there right at 8am . Is it legal, and is it actually 30 days late?
I’ve already tried to dispute this three times, twice through Credit Karma,  I request a one time Goodwill change directly to RFCU, and again just recently in June over the phone with Experian, but RFCU has still not removed it. This is wreaking havoc on my credit scores, and I’m trying to get a mortgage, which has been virtually impossible to get now because of this late payment showing up on my credit reports.  So my question for you is, do I have any leg to stand on whatsoever to fight this February 28/30 days late payment mistake from being removed from my credit reports?

I really need this to be gone, but please, before you say anything to me about not paying so late in the month anymore, being more responsible etc., I really don’t have any other options financially, this is how I have to manage my money to be able to feed my teenage children and pay other bills on time as well. My first check goes to rent and alll of my utilities, plus food shopping and other household essentials, the second half of my check goes towards everything else, including my car payment and car insurance..
 I asked RFCU Bank if they would change my due date to the end of the month for me,  but they said no, so this is what works best for me-even though I end up paying $10 more sometimes,but that’s ok . Is😡😱 there anything else I can do to have this damage removed? 

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On 8/8/2018 at 5:51 PM, Lady_Luxe said:

my payments are due by the 15th

If the payment is due on the 15th, you have 30 days from the 15th before they can report you as 30 days past due.  They can't report you 30-days past due if you're only 15 or 13 or 29 days past due.

Since it's already been verified following a dispute, you're going to have to sue them to get this corrected.  You need to contact a consumer attorney.  Look for one that operates on contingency so you pay nothing until they win your case.  Also, if you've been thinking of getting a new credit card, applying now would be a good time so that you have some actual damages.

Whatever you do, don't stop making your payments in the mean time.

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Yes, that is what I thought, thank you!

This topic of the 28/30 day late in February has so many different conflicting answers and opinions. I have searched hundreds of credit websites and message boards trying to find a concrete answer. Some threads have said that the banks can report it late after 15 days, depending on what it says in the terms of the loan agreement, and others have said that they can report it as 30 days late at the end of the month or cycle, whether it’s a short month or not is irrelevant, according to the last thread I found on this subject on . That is what lead me here.

I am going to contact RFCU on Monday morning as a last-ditch effort, and ask them to please remove the late report as a one-time Goodwill change, but by phone this time and if they refuse to remove it, I will look for a consumer attorney like you have suggested.  

I just wasn’t sure if I was actually able to legally fight this or not, with so many different answers about this subject. I only want facts, not opinions! Thanks again for responding.








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