IRS Scam - 516) 217-9711

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My wife's been getting voice mails claiming to be from the IRS, saying they are going to "take her into custody." We had fun with these clowns on speakerphone, but just be aware. They are pretty good, at first, but then you realize every "supervisor" you get transferred to is just the same two people passing phone back and forth. Idiots.

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Youtube is full of videos of people who spoof these scammers. I have been tempted to have fun with these idiots by spoofing a number from a rural community in Central Pennsylvania that is 30 minutes from the nearest Walmart (and over an hour from any other store) and you cannot keep cell phone contact due to the terrain in the area. The address I would use is currently in the middle of a strip coal mine so good luck finding it.

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You might have fun taking a gander at the 419eater site.  Some wonderful portraiture of fish over in their trophy room.

My favorite shenanigan was changing my BofA credit card's phone number to a BofA branch's phone when their collectors started calling me at ungodly hours.  Apparently, the buggers still haven't figured it out, as I've encountered radio silence (at least from that bunch, anyways.)  Awwww.

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