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On 10/20/2018 at 2:48 PM, williams4 said:

I have my court date for Motion to compel arbitration in a few weeks.  I was planning on bringing my credit card agreement and the letter that I sent to start arbitration.  Is there anything else I need to bring?  I just want to be as prepared as possible.  From what I read, the JDB will try asking questions that have nothing to do with arbitration? So my main goal is to point it back to the fact that the courts do not have jurisdiction since arbitration is in the credit card agreement? I know I obviously will have to answer any questions that they ask me. But does this mean I answer and keep bringing up the fact that the hearing is for whether or not this should be played out in court or not? I am extremely nervous about appearing in court so I am just trying to play out in my head what to do when I am in there.

I'm currently awaiting a response to my MTC that was filed electronically.  I called the court to see if I needed to schedule a hearing and was told it was not needed, and that the Judge would just make a decision.  Were you told to schedule a hearing or did the court schedule it?  Also, the plaintiff filed a MSJ against me even though there has been no ruling on the MTC yet.

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