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I currently have  received letters from 2 lawyers Hunt and Henriques  (capital one)and also CIR Law (walmart) each one is about 5700. I have 4 other accounts I haven't heard from. If I've been paying on accounts for several years is theree a reason  to get the debt validation. I'm the one that contacted the creditors requesting my accounts closed. I'm just so confused. I am permanently disabled and my only income is social security disability, ssi, and welfare for my grandson that I'm raising. please help me, if you can. I'm in California. i have no assets. I owe more on my car than the value.

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yes. I sent all of creditors letters about my finances and that i was judgement proof.. That is when my accounts were closed. I got letters from attorney/collection agent. I still get statements from original creditors.  The only one to make a note to account was Barclay Bank, The attorney for them contacted me to see if I had attorney. I sent letter telling them I am on social security.  I haven't heard anything else (yet) This was in May. Cap1 and Sychrony collectors are from my state the other one is not.

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Can you give me your opinion on the letter before I send it to collection agents? I have 3 collection agents (Walmart, JCPenney and Capital one), I have 3 others that I haven't heard from yet (Barclay Bank, Best Buy, Chevron)




Patenaude & Felix A.P.C

4545 Murphy Canyon Road, 3rd Floor,

San Diego, California 92123


RE: Synchrony Bank/ JCPenney 



To whom it may concern:


I am writing to explain the current financial situation and to request you not to contact me .


I am a disabled single mom and I am unable to work. My only income is Social Security Disability and I receive Welfare on behalf of my grandson that I am raising. I understand that my creditors may not garnish these payments.. I have no assets.


I am requesting that you cease from calling me on the phone which you are required to do by the Fair Debt Collection Act (15 USC Sec. 1692). I have cut up all my credit cards and have notified in writing each one of my creditors.


Thank you for your cooperation.





Address ( i'm not sure if I should include address)

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That letter is fine, so long as you understand it they will probably drop it in your case file and proceed within the limits of your C&D. Their options are a.) respond one last time to let you know they are ceasing collection activity, b.) sue you,  and c.) do nothing.  IMO, they would be idiots to go with 'a' since they don't have to. 

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