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Being Sued by the Law Office of Kenosian and Miele LLP

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Good Morning,


I  received a summons stating that I am being sued by Kenosian and Miele LLP for an old loan with Cash Call. What do I do next?  Can someone please advise.  I know I need to answer the courts in 30 calendar days from 10/1, that's the day I was served.

 I'm so confused don't know where to turn, nor have the money to pay for an attorney.


Thank you,

Scared in CA

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What information came with your summons?

I see that Cash Call has been sued several times, including by the CFPB.  The CFPB got a court to rule that they were charging above the legal interest rate allowed by CA in 2016.  Since your loan originated prior to this, you may have a decent defense.  @calawyer might be able to help out or point you in the right direction.

@BV80 who are the other CA regulars who may be able to help?

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