/// URGENT /// Midland in Michigan - Capital One Bank og owner

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Yes I have read all the Michigan posts but has been very confusing so here goes:

Do I file an 2) motion to dismiss first for lack of standing or  b) answer the numbed allegations or c) do MTD with accompanied by answers?

Short Summary of Situation;

1. Midland is suing for Capital One card they say was from 2016, amount $ 650

2. Midland is the 4th, 3rd party debt buyer in this chain.

3. Attached are 4 Affidavits from each company (1 page each)

4. Attached are 4 Bill of Sale/Assignment from each company (1 page each)

5. Attached is 1 Affidavit from Midland saying they have personal knowledge of my account, and business records.


This is starting to get scary as they have served me twice within 2 weeks now. The second set of documents look similar to the first. There are 4 lawyers names in the paperwork. Should I just post the paperwork and have you guys help me decide on what to do next????

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Being served the documents,

1. I refused to sign for the letter so they put it in my mailbox

2. The second copy they sent me today tapped to the front door of my building, outside.

3. The only difference I see it now has a front page that says "Alternate Service" and within the complaint "Exhibit A, referenced"... That's all the page says, then it continues with copies of the affidavits and bill of sale etc. etc..

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