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Question about paperwork from portfolio's attorney


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I received paperwork thru the local courts that Portfolio has filed a complaint against me for a past debt.  I answered the complaint and let them know I wished to arbitrate thru JAMS.  This was mailed certified to the attorney and the paperwork given to the courts last week.  Yesterday I received paperwork from Portfolio's attorney requesting Plaintiff's first set of Interrogatories, requests for admission, requests for production of documents and notice of service.  I thought that everything we did from now on was to be filed thru the courts, however this was just sent regular mail from attorney.  I am sending the JAMS paperwork out tomorrow for arbitration, however do I need to fill out this paperwork from Portfolio and send it back to them?  I am from Ohio.

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Discovery usually isn't filed with the court.

And, I agree with WhoCares1000, your priority MUST be to file the MTC Arb with the court.  Just saying you want arb, and even filing in JAMS, isn't enough.  

The MTC Arb, if granted (and it should be), is what brings the court case to a screeching halt.  Which is the real goal of the arbitration strategy.

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