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So I fell on hard times and had a card go into collections. It was thru midland funding LLC and now I get a letter from an attorney representing them. It says I have 30 days. I can try and take a picture if needed. What do I do? I can't afford a attorney. I have issues with anxiety and this only makes it worse. Please help me

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I suspect the 30 days refers to the period you have to dispute the debt and request validation (your rights under federal law, the FDCPA).  I would take that opportunity.  Send a simple letter to the attorney, by certified mail.  All it needs to say is "I dispute this alleged debt.  Please validate."

Who is the OC (original creditor)?  How much is the debt (ballpark number)?  How old is the debt (last time you paid on it)?

This is the best way to defeat a JDB (like Midland), assuming the OC's cardmember agreement has an arbitration clause:


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