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User ID settings in this *forum* site


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I read the welcome area forums threads that i "thought" were relevant, then did a few searches in the whole site.

threads dated all the way back to 2009 and 2012/13 are all i can find.


How can I know that the email ID I use here isn't phished to any search engine, bot, etal before I start posting questions on other topics in the correct sub folders "here"?

The "user CP" is *not* visible like in other forums I am a current member of. I've tried to find "privacy settings" or other [tab] or *button* to 'mouse click' to no avail yet.

Is the comment made by Amerikaner83   back in Dec. 2012 on this thread :

I see a reassurance that email wasn't visible unless you put it in your 'bio' text box. Is that a correct understanding of what it was back then & is this still the case?

Has the forum migrated to a new updated site since then/recently?(and thats why I cant see how to make sure my "privacy settings" are in an 'Anymouse' reality?

I decided against tossing a PM as there is a bushell of Admin/Mod's so I'm hoping to see a reply before end of day today so I can start my own thread(s) elsewhere -comfortably.


thanks in advance..

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Same here, my settings are set to the newest threats first, all I receive are the ones from 2012 and a year or two earlier or later. I believe this is because some of us people are restricted to a CDN network. I have been restricted for years and years and only get to read the old crap.

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