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I am a former employee of ASTA Funding, which is the parent company of Palisades Collections and Palisades Acquisitions.  During my employment at ASTA I witnessed dozens of illegal actions taken by senior management.  Lawsuits were filed on accounts which were beyond the statute of limitations.  Accounts were collected on that they knew were already paid or settlement.  Payments were not posted correctly.  Interest was not accrued correctly.  Affidavits were sworn to when they knew they had no information to substantiate the contents of the affidavit.  If you are being contacted by Palisades or one of their attorneys you need to get a lawyer right away.  I have detailed much of the fraud that I witnessed at  You may also contact me via that website and I can provide you or your attorney with detailed information about the illegal acts ASTA engaged in, and continues to engage in.

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