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Being Sued By Portfolio Recovery Associates in CA

Guest dakine_surf

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Guest dakine_surf

Thanks in advance for the help.  I joined today to try and find some information and using the search function I found a few other threads with lots of good information, however I am still a little confused and was hoping I might get pointed in the right direction.

I was served recently by PRA in CA.  I have not responded to them yet.  From what I can tell, Capital one is saying I defaulted on a CC bill, it was sent to collections and then it was charged off and PRA bought the debt.  

Now I assume they just want their money, but I would like to find out what options I have.

They are saying there is a unpaid balance of $4687.85

Any help is much appreciated

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Welcome to the board :)

If PRA is the plaintiff, then it is they who are telling you Cap1 sold them the acct, not Cap1 telling you >>>  an important distinction to keep in mind during the process.

Your options are (basically) this:

1) No nothing. PRA will get a default judgment against you and possibly garnish your wages/bank accounts to get the money.

2) Settle for a reduced amount (still substantial) or  a payment plan for the full amount.

3) Fight

Most all CA members will tell you to fight. California laws are very favorable to consumers in these lawsuits and if you read up a bit you'll see why. Even if you don't want to go to trial, fighting first will get you the best deal, but the best outcome is a dismissal which is very possible if you take the time to learn how to get it. Plenty of members here to help you along the way.

You should start by answering the questions in this thread and pasting back into this one. https://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/242744-qs-to-answer-when-posting-in-this-forum-please-read/

The following thread is a great read on the process of defending against a 3rd party debt buyer like PRA: https://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/317277-how-i-beat-midland-in-california/

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