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Secondary Insurance not billed


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2 hours ago, BsharpC said:

How do I fix these credit issues as they are due to billing errors?

For those who are not familiar with insurance:  this is NOT a billing error.  Providers are NOT required to bill secondary policies.  Many do for convenience but if a patient has more than one policy and the bill arrives and the provider did not bill the carrier then the patient must open a claim for the services.  Unless it is contractually obligated providers are not even required to bill primary insurance those almost all do.  Regardless if a patient receives a bill the absolute worst thing to do is shrug and think that because you have a policy or more than one that insurance and the provider will simply take care of it.  Receiving a bill is the first sign to get online and check your account for the claim being filed or call the carrier if you don't have an online account.  If there is no claim for the service you immediately open one to ensure that coverage is applied.  

Because the care/claim is 4 years old the chances a secondary policy will pay it now are zero.  Most have a 6 month at maximum 1 year window in which to file a claim.  You can try and have nothing to lose by doing so but I would expect a denial.  

As for the credit report if you have disputed it and they have verified it as accurate then your options are to try pay for deletion or wait for it to fall off.  There is NO magic method to remove valid collections not even medical ones.  Despite what you read on other sites it is NOT a HIPAA violation to report the amount due on a credit report as long as details about the service are not revealed.  i.e. if it says "medical:  $290"  that is compliant.  If it says "brain biopsy for tumor: $290" that is not.

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