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Please help me, sued by JDB in California

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Hi everyone, I got sued by a JDB for around $7,XXX,XX. This was an old charge off debt and I dont see it or the JDB name on my credit report. During this time I was very sick with multiple chronic health problems so I don't recall this account. Please help me because I have chronic dry irritated eyes and I cannot read as much as I would like to do research for this case. I'm unemployed and don't own anything except 2 old cars. The SOL in California is 4 years, base on what they say the last payment is they filed the complaint within the SOL. They tried serving me at home, but I was not home. So I got the copy of the summon in the mailbox with nothing attached to it. I filed a general denial to answer the summon. Charges are Breach of Contract, Open Book, and Money Lent. They sent me RFPs, RFAs and Interrogatories that as some of the account statement and blank card agreement attached to it. I have to respond within a few days and not sure if I did it correctly. I'm also preparing to send them a Request for Production (one similar to ASTMedic) The CMC is coming coon.

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