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File Answer before being Served?

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I started receiving soliciting notices from Attorneys that I was being sued in Harris County JP courts for a Capital One debt. I've looked it up and it is listed on the JP website with Original Petition filed on December 4th. As of today I have not been served, should I file an answer or wait until I am served?

This is the 2nd and last possible suits I'll have going as I didn't have any other accounts. I lost my job last year and was in a tough spot. The first is a suit with a JDB and mediation is scheduled end of January. This looks to be Capital One directly with their attorney Moss Law Firm.

Thank you!

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Wait until you are served then file a general denial.

If it is indeed an OC then you will need an attorney but I would advise against the "ambulance chasers" that send these notices.  I can refer you to a very good one who has an office in Houston.  Do you know the approximate amount they would be suing for?     

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