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debt summons in minnesota


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My brother lives in southern mn and received a summons from a lawyer in fargo nd for 2600.00 from a debt they bought from a credit card company. paragraph one goes like this.1. prior to the commencement of this action the defendant owed 2612.58 for credit on a barclays bank delaware account ending in *************3556. 

paragraph 2. 

Said claim was assigned, for good consideration, to the plaintiff and the afformentioned balance remains due and owning. 

Wherefore, plaintiff demands judgement against the defendant for the sum of 2612.58 and costs to judgement. 

What is my best way to repsond to this? Ive printed off the response pages. but want to make sure i respond correctly. Ive got about 5 days to get this sent in but would like to do it tomorrow to both the court house and sent to lawyer.

Thanks IN advance 

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