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Looking for advice!

Guest Bell

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I was being sued by Portfolio Recovery. Showed up to first court date, told their attorney I was contesting it and it was continued. Showed up for second date and their attorney set date for bench trial. Bench trial was set for December 19- on December 13, they filed a motion to dismiss. December 19, I had an unexpected family emergency that morning and missed court. I did call the clerk to let her know I would not be there. Of course, that day a default judgment was entered. On December 27, I filed a motion to vacate judgment. I have court this week and My question is- I’m not sure what will happen in court. Will the judge question me or am I stating what happened? Am I also talking about a defense and bringing up the fact they had filed motion to dismiss? I don’t want to do anything in court that would upset the judge. Not sure how to proceed- thanks for any advise!

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