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Debt Validation Question


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Hello and thanks in advance for any assistance. I am new to this process and learning the ropes. 

I made a debt validation request and a request in writing that the debt collection agency only contact me at a specified address.  They replied to the request by mailing to the old address. 

Here are the supporting details for my question:

Collection letter sent to Florida address (this was given to me by the landlord as a courtesy after I have moved)

DV Letter clearly stated to only contact me at my new Texas address.

Landlord contacted me that another letter arrived. Their response to my request to only be contacted at the TX address was sent to FL address

What is the best way to proceed?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.




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How did your notice of change of address look in the letter?  Did you retain a copy of the letter you sent them?

Nothing can or should be done at this time, but if you can not prove that you sent them an updated address in writing, then you may want to consider sending it again and retaining proof in case you need it later on.

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