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Title Loan Problems

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I was desperate to help out two relatives in a hurry, so I made the dumb move of taking out a title loan on my car.  It is a Cadillac, and I got the maximum amount of  $5,000.  My payments were $1,300 per month, with a total amount due (if I went the full term) about $21,000.  It's a total ripoff, I know, but I needed to help these relatives.  I paid on the loan from July through November, paying probably a little more than the principle in total.  I am in Michigan, where title loans are illegal, so I took it out in Ohio.  Ohio outlawed them last year, as well, and I was told that I would be emailed new docs, and my loan transferred to a different.  I never received anything.  I didn't make payments from December to the present, as none of my calls went answered from the old or new location.  I finally contacted the Ohio Attorney General, to see what was going on.  Since, the loan company did call me, and is threateinging repossession.  What should I do?  Thanks!

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Here's an article I found on Ohio House Bill 123.  You can find several other articles through Google:  https://www.pymnts.com/news/alternative-financial-services/2018/payday-lending-short-term-loans-regulations-cfpb/

It appears you signed your loan agreement before this bill went into affect.  The Governor didn't sign it until July 30, 2018.

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