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I just got a letter 1/24/2019 from the lovely Hunt & Henriques notifying me of their "intent to sue and incur court costs" on behalf of their client "portfolio recovery associates llc" for my old credit card debit (which was $1,400) of $1,842 from a Barclay card opened up fall of 2013. I've made no contact with H & H. 


I have tried over and over to find out when my last payment was on the Barclay card, but I am almost certain it was 4 years ago, give/take a few months. I'm in CA and I know the statue of limitations is 4 years, which I'm at or, darn close to it. 

This debt has gone through a few collection agencies so it's not even barclay that's suing me, they sold my debt a while ago. 

I have read that I need to send a DV letter initially. 

My questions:

What should the letter say?

How can I verify when my last payment to Barclay was? They locked my account so I cannot see any transactions. 

After I send the letter, I'm sure those money hungry jerks will respond. What do I do after that? 

How can I drag this out to the 4 year mark so the debt falls off? Does it actually "fall off" my credit or stay on it as an unpaid but closed debt?

Any help will be appreciated :)

Thank you kind souls!!


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