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Medical bill not mine

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I just received a bill in the mail from 1/31/19 bill date 2/5/19. My daughter, who is about to be 20yrs old, went to the ER. She is NOT on my medical insurance & hasnt been in years, yet they charged me without my consent or even being present. I was not there nor did I sign or give them permission to bill me. Is this legal?? Am I liable for my almost 20yr old daughter?? Can they just do this?? 


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20 minutes ago, Maribel Maldonado said:

Is this legal??

No.  The computer billing system most likely linked her via the database based on past accounts.

21 minutes ago, Maribel Maldonado said:

Am I liable for my almost 20yr old daughter??


21 minutes ago, Maribel Maldonado said:

Can they just do this??

No.  Send a letter certified mail return receipt to the hospital billing department. Specifically state that she is not a minor nor is she covered by your insurance plan.  You are not legally responsible for her bills.  Enclose a current address for her on where to contact her for the debt if you know it.  Call back 7-10 days after you get the green card back and verify they have updated the account information to reflect the bill is not yours to pay.  If it lands on your credit reports after that letter do not contact them again just sue them.

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3 hours ago, Maribel Maldonado said:

Things like this should be illegal & they should be sued for even doing this to begin with...

I understand your frustration but even the FDCPA allows for bona fide error.  If you are certain your daughter did not accidentally or intentionally list you as a guarantor then first check and see where the error happened. If she got care there as a minor under your care in the past it is very easy for a computerized system to assume that is still the case.  Unfortunately many are not set up to note the date of birth and when a minor is no longer a dependent.  I have to quote a mentor of mine:  never attribute to malevolence what can be explained by stupidity.  ?

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Guest usctrojanalum

Just FYI, In NY parents are responsible for medical bills of their children up to the age of 21. You may just want to make sure your jurisdiction does not have a similar law. 

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